Verified Honest: Product Reviews You Can Trust

Verified Honest exists to provide reliable reviews and information to help you in your buying decisions. We focus on items from online shops (such as Etsy, Uncommon Goods, etc) and digital products (such as eBooks and courses). Because of the digital marketplace, we have found it increasingly difficult to get an honest and reliable information on such products, as the reviewer must have purchased the item themselves (rather than just see it any try it in a store). We will be publishing several hundred objective product reviews in various categories. And yes, you can trust that these reviews are Verified Honest.

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Who are our reviewers?

Our team of reviewers consists of everyday people – moms, students, business owners, blue collar workers, grandparents, etc. While we don’t use the names of our reviewers on our site, we do let you know their age and profession in order to understand the generational and economic viewpoint of the reviewer. Some of our reviewers specialize in certain niches (like our designer who reviews all creative or artistic products, or our IT director who views various digital services). These specialized skills allow our reviewers to properly analyze the features and benefits of each product from the viewpoint of someone who would use it regularly.

What is our focus?

Our reviews follow a standard process. First, we describe the product and its purpose. Next, we describe the physical characteristics of it (color, design, shape, size, etc). The we move into positives and negatives that we experience with the product. And finally, we give our personal thoughts/opinions. If we have a negative experience, we will follow that up with suggestions for improvement or ideas of who may still enjoy the product apart from it’s negatives. We follow up each review with a short bio of our reviewer.